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Automatic Carpet Washing Machine

-Optional productions for 2 / 2,5 /3 /3,5 /4 /4,5 / 5 meter and up.

-Brush systems on single or double line for 4,6,8 brushes and more.

-Optional 18/8 CrNi Stainless Steel and Galvanised Stainless Steel 

-Inverter controlled with 10 units motors&reducers

-Inverter controlled grip conveyor band system (forward&reverse)

-Inverter controlled scrapper system for scraping the water and extra sampoo

-Automatic rug thickness adjustment

-Adjustable rug width size controller

-Double cylindrical pressing unit

-Optional different construction choices

-Button command panel system

-Adjustable water jet systems

-Automatic controlled detergent pump & tank system

-Automatic rug rolling system at the exit

-Optional PLC touchable system

-Optional automatic pneumatic back rolling and rug unloading system

-Electronical mechanic electronical/mechanic limitator switches