About us

In short, we can explain that; Export to 57 countries, corporate team using technology to the fullest, personnel for a minimum of 10 years. Thousands of plants all over the world,  there is a team that gone to Australia from Turkey only for a 15 minute technical service. 

In the machinery industry since 1942.

We entered the sector of cleaning machines and systems together with the production of textile and dry cleaning machines. Afterwards, we changed our machine production area according to the needs of the sector and our country and started to produce mainly carpet washing machines and all systems related to carpet cleaning with the most technological possibilities. Officially, we can say that we started the production of carpet washing machines in 2001. And we are still proud of being the pioneer and leading company in the world even in 2020.

Numerous exports to 57 countries.

Only when you tell us from which country you are contacting us, you can be sure that we will be able to give you all the information about the facility you need to install and the systems required without any further information.

Technological systems produced for your serial cleaning.

We continue with the latest technology systems in our production area. We love this phrase that applies to every field of work. Remember that, when you imitated from any other person you have succeeded, not when you appreciated.

,As close as a phone to share all of our experiences about carpet washing machines and sector.

Our customers often call us without their knowledge of carpet washing. We are proud to be the first company in the sector that is sought and requested information. When you only want to open a carpet washing facility, we are sure that you will understand how profitable it is with the information you have received from us and you will want to take over your carpet washing machine as soon as possible.



Did you know that our newest team member is 9 years old?

Thanks to the peace provided in the working environment and most importantly, the family environment within the framework of respect is the most important. Thank you to all our team that we came together today!

Why Dönertaş? Why us?

Experience for 79 year. Since 1942

Technological  production , service,maintenance

Already exported 57 country

Thousands of facilities around the world

Easily accessible team

The same staff and team for a minimum of 10 years