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Pipe Type Carpet Spin Drainer

-Optional productions for 2 / 2,5 /3 /3,5 /4 /4,5 / 5 meter and up.

-Optional 18/8 CrNi Stainless Steel and Galvanised Stainless Steel 

-Optional diameter of the drum can be 350-420-500-600-700-1000)

-Strong and industrial spin centrifuge speed 1200 r.p.m.

-Serial and standard production

-Different color choices optional

-Galvanized stainless steel&electrostatic powder coated carrier legs

-Strong & industrial high capacity draining

-Draining with timer system optional

-Optional pneumatic cover system

-Optional without cover system

-Front cover securitry switch system

-Suspension system

-Optional back rolling system

-Optional inverter (speed control) system

-Electronical mechanic electronical/mechanic limitator switches

-Special airbag system for vibration preventing

-Adjustable rug width size controller

-Industrial hole system for a maximum performance with safe and high squeeze

-Optional soft starter system

-High capacity hydro-extracting

-Button command (forward & reverse) system

-Strong & industrial manuel front cover system