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Dönertaş Machinery Co.

Dönertaş Makina Sanayi started to take its first steps in the sector and engrave its name in 1942. With its rightful pride, it is happy to be a brand with exports to 57 countries around the world. We are pleased to convey to you our long years of experience and the features of the Carpet Washing Machines we have produced. We are very happy to provide the right machine and system in the businesses you want to establish. As the first and correct address, it is your right to turn your investment into profit.

Carpet washing machines, carpet wringing machines, carpet whisking machines and carpet pile and dusting machines as well as Quilt washing and squeezing machines, Vintage carpet processing machines are in our production. At the same time, it has its signature in the sector with mainly export. We are always with you for many years with spare parts, renewal and revision processes. With the happiness of being a family and sharing ...

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How we are working?


We are solving technical things with technology from Canada to Macedonia, From USA to Australia. If our customers prefer to face to face meeting only obstacle is airport. Don't forget we are as close as a phone.


We are ready to give all details about; how many m2 you will need for your new store, and how many brushes you will need for your machine.

Will be waiting for you to share our experiences and knowladge from A to Z. 


Since we are a leader company in the sector, our customers often make orders even by technological means before they come to our factory. Every time make sure that the company is safe you deal.

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Why Dönertaş? Why us?

Experience for 79 year. Since 1942

Technological  production , service,maintenance

Already exported 57 country

Thousands of facilities around the world

Easily accessible team

The same staff and team for a minimum of 10 years

For Carpet Washing Machine prices

info@donertas.com.tr & +90 232 281 65 76



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+90 232 281 65 76

Technical support

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